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Camacho - Le Boff

Welcome to the Camacho - Le Boff Gallery  


Borders / Fronteras

Acrylic on Canvas / Acrílico sobre Lienzo
Oak stained wood floating frame / Marco de madera flotante en tinte de roble

31" x 41"



My banner / Mi bandera


Mixed media on Canvas Panel / Técnica Mixta sobre Panel de Lienzo

The painting continues on its wooden frame / La pintura continua sobre su marco de madera


20” X 24”

Adriana´s work is  mostly inspired by  nature, creating vibrant pieces  in a captivating way.  It is a combination of color, light, and texture that can´t be defined in a specific style.  Her pieces are often a window to a different world, and can be found hanging in homes in North and South America.

Visit Camacho-Le Boff Gallery

to explore and experience her work for yourself.

Lunar Phases _  Fases Lunares

The invisible and intangible realm

has always played an important part in my own exploration. While working with my pieces, the experience allows me to enter that realm.


El territorio de lo invisible e intangible ha jugado una parte importante en mi auto exploración.  Mientras trabajo con mis piezas, la experiencia permite que entre a este territorio.

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